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Text to Engage

Text to Pledge (Telethon) Allows your donors to text in 1 keyword to start their path to making a financial pledge to your organization. Donors will automatically recieve a link to fullfil their credit card payment. Keep track of who has completed their donation and the amount they donated. Use the live thermometer component to display how close you are to reaching your goal.

Recurring Donations Allow donors to donate a specific amount every month for a recurring donation.

Call to Pledge (Telethon) You are able to track the amount of calls recieved, average length of each call, and peak times for calls, all stats are live.

Text to Vote Allow participants to cast their vote on an open poll and receive a custom message based on their vote.

Text to Bid (Silent Auction) Silent auction sms system that allows notifications when a patron has been outbid.

Text to Raffle Allow donors to purchase raffle tickets with price points for value buys via keyword.

Text to Purchase Allow donors to purchase calendars, event tickets, etc via specific keyword.

Text to Influence Allow donors to the ability to invite 10+ friends via text to your next fundraising event or the option to subscribe to your organization’s story.

Payment Processor Allow donors to pay via Stripe interace, Stripe is required to process and track payments

Text Marketing The ability to keep in contact with donors/participants via text and build a donor profile with mini surveys and event awareness. No Chararcter Limit – Any/All donors in system require written proof of marketing subscription – Customer retains liability. Limit to 45,000 Text messages annually. $550 per additional 50,000 Texts – Pay as You Go No Chararcter Limit per Text

Text to Survey Ask your donors additional questions to build a profile on who your patrons are.

Behind the Scenes Send donors exclusive content and invitations to VIP events. Let them cut to the front of the line